Hand Butter - Lemon Lime

Hand Butter - Lemon Lime
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Loaded with lemon and lime essential oil, this yummy moisturizing hand butter will please your senses as well as keep your hands super soft. 2 oz

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Reviewed by giobean37
04/29/2011 - 04:35:05 PM
Hands Dry??
My boyfriend works in a kitchen where he is washing dishes for hours all day and all week long for years. He's always complaining about how dry, cracked & not so beautiful his hands are. I gave him some Lemon Lime Hand Butter & told him to use it daily.
His hands already felt better when he put the butter on for the first time. Since then, he continuously shows off his hands and the butter's success! I'd say this product is the most moisturizing hand butter he's tryed yet!

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