Have you tried our Mud Masks yet?

Article published at: Jul 19, 2019 Article author: Alyssa Scentologist
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Being a Soap Scentologist during product development usually means I’m the guinea pig too. But that’s not always the case. I don’t always use the products I make. But that’s because I trust our ingredients and my concoctions. 

When you make soap for a company, your initial thoughts are everyone else’s skin before you start thinking of your own. Maybe it’s because it’s my occupation or because it’s that satisfying to make other people happy about the skin they’re in.

I think of recipes in my head daily, you’d laugh if you knew which products on our shelves were created from simply sleeping and having dreams about new recipes.

This summer I made the Lemon Lavender Oatmeal Mud Mask as a seasonal special because everyone loved our past masks and have been asking us to bring them back. So I whipped up a new recipe.  
The mask has been out a couple months now, and here’s the thing. I still haven’t tried it yet!
Until today when the owner, Michele, was raving about the mud mask to me (and I’m too blown away by her review I can’t even remember what she said.) She sold me on my own recipe that I was willing to try it myself. 
So today I tried it.
I applied the mask after work today and decided to write this blog, it’s been on my face for well over an hour now. So far so good?  
Ok I just showered and rinsed it off. I remember what Michele said. Her skin was glistening and it was true.
Love it!!!  

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