Article published at: Jul 26, 2020 Article author: Alyssa Scentologist
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Have you tried our Mitt Spritz® Hand Sanitizer yet?


Some of the first few words we hear when customers walk in is, “Wow!” “It’s bigger than I thought!” “It smells amazing in here!” But ever since we started having store walk-in customers use our Mitt Spritz® Hand Sanitizer upon entry, the first thing we hear has changed and the comments and feedback have been super gratifying! Our last customer’s comment a minute ago was what inspired me to share. This is what she said, 


“This is the best hand sanitizer I’ve used yet! I’m so sick of smelling like anti-septic”


I was thrilled to hear this and told her I was going to quote her online as soon as she left. Her review says it all. Our Mitt Spritz® is 100% all natural, contains 65% NATURAL ethyl alcohol and smells AMAZING because our ingredients are true (and effective!!) Lately it’s difficult to avoid ‘anti-septic’ necessities and it was very pleasing to hear that our hand sanitizer didn’t make her feel covered in ‘anti-septic’ but instead, sanitized, feeling clean and smelling great as she continued her day.   



Thanks for all of your wonderful reviews lately, we love to hear your feedback!

Click link below to choose your loot online - available in 3 sizes!



SALE DATES: AUG 19, 2020 THRU AUG 26, 2020

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