We love hearing from our customers. Here are a few reviews gathered from Google, Social Media & Yelp.



My order has arrived, and I am most pleased with the generous handling of my order.  You gave me more product to expedite the order timing, and you even gave me a lovely sample. I have been a customer of Plum Island for several years, and I have never been disappointed. It is so refreshing to do business with a company that actually understands client service. Thank you so much.

–Michele W.



The cocoa butter is the best thing I ever put on my face! I've tried many lotions. This one is by far the best!!

–Laura B.



One of the best businesses/location/owner on Plum Island! highly Recommend!

–Greg G.



Love their products! I am a licensed esthetician and I love to incorporate their cucumber facial mist, lip balms and scrubs into my services.

–Andrea S.



Absolutely! This place the best! You can't buy a better product. All natural, all homemade, made with love.

–Daryl D.



I use Plum Island Soap Company on a daily basis on a professional level with my massage clients and they love it, Lavender being most popular.

–Cheryl D.



I love these products - especially the lavender body oil.

–Cindy S.



An amazing spot. I have loved every product I have tried, and that is many.

–Marianne K.



Trying little by little to rid chemicals from my body (food will be last) by using all natural soap and lip balm and supporting a local business. Really like their products!

–Courtney D.



I love their products especially the soaps.

–Jodi W.



I was having a bad week but got a wonderful surprise with a lot of great products to lift my soul!!!!! Thanks Michele I really needed this.

–Terry B.



I picked up your Black Clay Facial Mask for my teen daughter to use to help with acne breakouts on her forehead. It’s amazing how the treatment helps clear up the breakouts.

–Jennifer O.



Top notch, all-natural products! Awesome presentation, friendly staff and quaint shop! LOVE!!!

–Donna L.



Introduced family members from Az and Mo last week. Ladies had a wonderful time buying gifts to take back home.

–Julie L.



Plum Island Soap makes the best natural soaps in so many different scents. Also, their body butters are to die for!

–Lisa R.



I received your Peppermint Foot Butter many years ago as a gift from you and my Dear friend Ingrid. I have been obsessed with it since. It is a truly wonderful product!

–Nancy R.



The Rose Water Face Mist is amazing. Smells like fresh cut roses and makes my skin feel refreshed. I even spray it on my pillow. Love this product!

–Carrie D.



Just soaked in the mermaid milk bath. Amazing! So relaxing. Thank you!

–Caroline D.



Love the dog soap I bought there ..lasted a long time and my dogs smelled great

–Carrie C.



The best products I've tried on my Florida skin.

–Wendy H.



Awesome products! Stop by and check them out. All natural.

–Rachel G.



I own a massage practice in Newburyport ma, and I purchase my creams at plum island soap, my clients love the face cream as it has lemon in it. I also use their Lavender cream and lemon grass for body work. I like this store as the woman who works there, Alyssa is very pleasant and knowledgeable about the product. She is always up beat and makes for a joyous time do the shopping for my business. I also use peppermint foot cream . There are other things I purchase there. I like that they are local, their product is outstanding, and their representative Alyssa is friendly, professional and outstanding person that I enjoy doing business with. Alyssa also makes the product ! This store a win win for anyone who uses body creams , professionally or personal.  Thank you

–Martin T.



This place is awesome! You can't find a better product anywhere! All natural & handcrafted by the greatest group.

–Daryl D.



I am not usually one for writing reviews, but I love these products!! I gifted some clay face masks for Christmas this year and everyone else is raving about them, too. Completely worth paying a little extra for the quality of the product. Can’t live without the Healing Salts scrubs either! Highly recommended.

–Julianne W.



Great open house for Christmas a lot of fun !!

–Jayne E.



Awesome products! I've been a customer for over 10 years.




Use it everyday. The best!

–William U.



Love this store! It is very cute and smells great! It sells the best body cream that I have ever used. I can't be without it. I am very sensitive to smells and they offer unsented versions of all their products. They also have wonderful skin accessories that exfoliate and soothe. I tell everyone who visits Plum Island to stop and check out what the Plum Island Soap Company has to offer you can also buy most of their products on line.

–Rosanne B.



Very welcoming and friendly.

–Megan B.



Incredible foot care products. Ask how to soothe aching feet, dry skin, cracked heels from prolonged standing... In stock, practically a solution for every body care need - a miracle for everything that aches or troubles me.

–Richard C.



Great products, nice people

–Michael H.



Good stuff. Homemade  on premises. Would stop again if in the area. Never been on the island before. Quaint, but quirkie.

–Bob J.



Great little island business!  All of the items are hand made with fresh ingredients and potent botanicals that are always exciting and effective. I have never broken out or made to itch from any of their formulas.  This is one of my favorite places to shop for holiday presents.  Everyone loves to receive something from the island and always rave about the scents. They also ship for a flat rate of 6 dollars.

–Jason S.



Great products locally made.

–Elias R.



I love them!!! store is very tiny but they all make it there and you can also order online! I tried face spray which was super cool and also Face Scrub Cleansing Grains. Oats makes your skin smooth. They have great nice smell products that are all super nice.  Try it out!! It is affordable price compare to other fancy soap company..

–Yumiko F



Excellant product , this is the only soap I will use and your skin will notice .
What is great about their soap are that they no not a strong fake fragrance yet smell nice.  The staff are young and friendly ! The shop is small and quaint usally has music playing with a nice atmosphere.
The best deal is 3 bars of soap or $10.

–Cody S



These products are FABULOUS! They are natural with delicious fragrances.  I love all of their sugar scrub products.  I have very sensitive skin so this meets my needs.  Additionally, I would not use anything else on my miniature dachshund -- this is a sensitive breed and he just smells wonderful after his bath and has no itching (or other symptoms).  Their shipping is speedy and efficient.

–Barbara M



I love when I stumble across really nicely made, affordably priced, locally made face/body products. Yum!! Although I can't review the actual store *since I've never had the pleasure of going*, I had to review the products since I bought some at this cute store in Portsmouth, and had never seen them before! How come a beauty product freak like me hadn't heard of this stuff before? Anywho, was in a bit of a rush, as I had a grumpy new husband who was itching for a beer, but I did pick up a couple of lip balms *flavors are totally delish; spearmint, lemon-lime, pink grapefruit, peppermint, and my fave, black licorice, which smells/tastes exactly like black licorice jelly beans!* which are nice, but not quite as moisturizing as I usually like. They will probably be great in the summer. Really wonderful hand butters *love the orange* which are super moisturizing and so great for winter. They have a whole line of shower gels, body butters, scrubs and soaks, baby products, soaps, and face products. Would make great gifts, too. Especially for me. *hint hint*

–Amy C.