Our Story

The Plum Island Soap Company ® A Love Story...     


"I love your products." is the one comment we hear most from our customers. They take the time to say it on the phone, type it in emails, write it on order forms, say it in person while at our store and occasionally in the outside world when they hear Plum Island Soap ®. I never get tired of hearing these words and never will. I can honestly say I love what I do. My company was born out of a passionate hobby of creating all natural soaps and lotions free of any chemicals or harmful ingredients for my loved ones. I mixed up recipes in my kitchen to cure a diaper rash that my sweet baby was suffering from and experimented with natural ingredients to relieve my growing anxiety when reading labels on products in my own cabinets. I did this for the people I love. Plum Island Soap ® started in my kitchen over 20 years ago, quickly took over the living room and shortly thereafter demanded the whole darn house and now happily "chugs" along out of a little cottage on Plum Island, Massachusetts, This is the magical place where all the soapy, buttery goodness takes place. We make our products daily and the first ingredient in every recipe is LOVE. We have a little tiny shop that is open everyday from 11-4 for folks to come in and browse and they can catch us making, mixing and packaging our wonderful line. We sort of operate like a bakery, using similar equipment and making everything in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. When I first started out I sold my soaps at Farmers Markets in Boston, surrounding urban towns in Massachusetts and craft fairs through out the New England area. I was sure to collect email and contact info to let people know of our doings and where they could find us. From the very beginning my mission was to create bath products using the purest, simplest ingredients, without using dyes, perfumes or chemicals. Turns out there were a lot of bathers out there who truly appreciated this and it's their continued loyalty and trust that help us stay true to our path of purity because our customers know they can use any one of our products without ever looking at the ingredients listing and let me tell you, that's a pretty good feeling- just like being in love.... 


Plum Island Soap Co. ®
205 Northern Boulevard
Newburyport, MA 01950
P. 978-465-0238 F. 978-255-1139


Our store is open every day, year round, from 11-4 offering up our complete line and specialty small batch offerings, accessories, artisan jewelry and gifts.